Monmouth County, New Jersey

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    In the News:

    All children don't learn in the same way. They start at different levels, respond to different approaches and progress at different rates. "It’s no longer 'one size fits all' teaching," Angie Rosen, director of curriculum and instruction at Little Silver School District, says.

    Angie Rosen

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Phone: 732-741-7112 x3054




    Our vision for student learning:

    Every child can achieve the goals he or she wishes to achieve. Necessary for the attainment of these goals is a supportive and nurturing learning environment, curricula that compels critical thought and instruction that is individualized so that the needs of all learning styles are met with 21st century competencies.

    Every child should develop a passion for learning. Children will grow socially and emotionally when they “see” the learning process as an exciting and energizing experience.

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