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      …And each agreed they would have failed if either had worked alone.

    For behind the parent stood the school and behind the teacher, the home.        


    The curriculum in Little Silver is preparing children for the global world.  The dedicated staff in Little Silver is committed to providing the best, most current curriculum and instruction for their students.

    For Parent Professional Development Visit the Parent Center ...

    "In response to the many questions posed by parents about how they can support their children’s reading and writing development, the Northern Illinois University Literacy Clinic has created a series of free YouTube videos to share with parents. The “Raising Readers” video series is currently available in English and offers simple research-based strategies that parents can use to support their children’s reading and writing development at home. 

    The “Raising Readers” series contains 12 videos focused on these topics: 
    •  Building the Reading Habit
    •  Promoting a Love of Reading (Grades K-5)
    •  Promoting a Love of Reading (Grades 6-12)  
    •  Phonemic Awareness  
    •  Phonics   
    •  Fluency   
    •  Vocabulary   
    •  Comprehension Strategies   
    •  Comprehension of Fiction  
    •  Comprehension of Informational Texts   
    •  Writing (Grades K-2)   
    •  Helping Your Child with Writing (Grades 3-5)

    The videos in the “Raising Readers” series are short (two to four minutes each), easy to understand, and demonstrated with real families. They can be shared directly with parents at conferences, at open houses, on school district websites, and by sharing the YouTube Channel address in newsletters and other school publications. The videos are all available on the  Northern Illinois University Literacy Clinic YouTube Channel .

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