Monmouth County, New Jersey

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      5-8 Math Resources






    Local High School Information



      Interactive Maps Map Puzzles

    Free Maps







    BOLSTER THE BASICS    These sites have something for anything you need help on!     

    Need help on multiplication tables? This will tell you the ones you need to study in a fun way as you time yourself. Try to beat your own score?

    PuZZlES, PuZzLeS, PuZzLeS and PerPleXinG PrObLeMs                                                                                               This is a puzzle portal. All types here

    This site has puzzles with a little math and a lot of mind , lots and lots of 'em

    puzzles for the math mind and word lovers  

    stump your classmates with these "perplexers"

    CAN YOU HACK THIS? Hey, ambitious students, ya know those do-nows that look like this?

    4x + 5 -15x +20 = 12 - 17x +25 +3x -8 Well this website tells you how to figure it out step by step and has lots of other algebra stuff you can get a jump on



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