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    The Point Road Elementary School serves the academic needs of approximately 470 students in pre-school through fourth grade.  We have five, full day kindergarten classes! Our size enables us to become closely acquainted with our students and their families. Point Road School is characterized by high standards, high expectations and a nurturing environment. We strive to create an atmosphere of community; an atmosphere where all children can reach their potential; an atmosphere where all are engaged in a variety of curricular experiences and where individual differences are appreciated and respected.   Our students are challenged to develop 21 st Century skills; an intellectual curiosity experience engaged learning in all disciplines. We work hard to instill a commitment of service to others and a desire to assume leadership roles in an ever-changing world. It is our hope that our students use their time, talents and treasures for the greater good of the environment, economy and global society.

    Our school enjoys an excellent academic reputation.   A significant degree of the success of Point Road School is due to its blend of dedicated and professional staff along with the cooperation of the parents and the supportive community-at-large.   Point Road School offers a rigorous, yet developmentally-appropriate, standards-based curriculum with a strong focus on balanced literacy. Students are encouraged to develop a lifelong love for reading and writing. Mathematics instruction utilizes concrete experiences to build students’ understanding by revisiting topics, concepts, and skills in a cyclical fashion that guides them through exposure, development and mastery; with an emphasis on problem solving,

    Point Road School meets the differentiated needs of all its students. We have two, half day,  integrated pre-school classes. In addition, there are several Resource Rooms for children receiving replacement services for particular subjects, as well as two multiple disabled classes. The special education teachers provide replacement instruction and in-class support in designated subject areas.   Speech, counseling and OT/PT are available to students in need. Basic Skills teachers work with students to supplement the mainstream curricular efforts.   

    For students who excel academically, the Gifted and Talented program offers an exciting array of different types and levels of enrichment activities for identified students. Through the use of a student profile, the program strives to develop each child's gifts and talents by providing an environment that will enable these students to reach higher levels of academic rigor.

    Point Road School is committed to the Responsive Classroom model; it has become imperative that, as educators, we nourish and cultivate the emotional and social development of our students as well as their academic development.   Our school counselor works at meeting the needs of all students through classroom visits, individual and group counseling, in consultation with school staff, parents, and community members.   We have a pro-active anti-bullying program that fosters mutual respect and works to develop interpersonal skills.

    Our motto: To be respectful, responsible and ready to learn……

    Students will learn that their actions and body language can assist them in their efforts to be respectful participants in our school community.   They will be reminded that thinking before acting is always the best thing to do.   They will also learn that their thoughts drive all actions.   We work to raise our students’ awareness about which types of behavior are respectful and which are inappropriate or show disrespect. Students should strive to do their best and be their best.   They take responsibility for their work and behavior. They learn how to make responsible choices: a necessary life skill. The students begin the year talking about their hopes and dreams and move onto collaboratively developing class and subsequently school rules. Our school rules for this school year are:

    Be an Awesome Point Road Warrior

    • Use passion, respect and kindness
    • Be responsible for your actions
    • Be a leader, try your best and never give up
    • Encourage yourself and others, think positively and remember the Golden Rule

    Take care of Point Road and everything around you

    Teachers employ a variety of instructional techniques to develop students into lifelong learners.   The teachers and the Director of Curriculum and Instruction routinely review all aspects of the curriculum to ensure that the Common Core Standards have been met and that the materials that we are using are aligned with the standards.   The entire teaching staff contributes to this review, thus guaranteeing the efficacy of our curriculum.  

    A critical component to maintaining high staff morale and increasing student achievement is providing opportunities for embedded and sustained professional development. The Little Silver School District offers a well-planned professional development program aimed at helping new teachers become acclimated to our district, as well as assisting them in building a solid foundation of instructional strategies to enhance their teaching. For experienced staff, professional development enriches and revitalizes them while allowing time for self-reflection and further growth. The staff meets to research, explore, discuss and collaborate on areas that are either district initiatives and/or Student Growth Objectives.

    Students are afforded an opportunity to participate in special subjects such as STEM, Music, Art, Physical Education, Media and Technology.  Point Road School continues to be a model school in terms of technology integration.  Our program facilitates student use of a variety of media and technology resources for directed and independent activities. We want our students to be prepared and technologically confident for their role in our global society. Our wireless, 1:1 computing initiative in which every third and fourth grade student received a Chromebook that will be theirs through eighth grade.  These students have school email accounts and will be given the opportunity to collaborate, critically think, be creative and communicate with other students in the world utilizing cloud-based technologies such as Google Docs.  Our computer lab is piloting Chromebooks to see if utilizing Cloud technologies is something that our young students can manage.

    The school also provides a number of co-curricular activities, encompassing a variety of areas.   They include band, chorus, orchestra, the school newspaper, homework club, Wee Deliver (an inner-school mail delivery system), safety patrol, chess club, LEGO club, Sportsmanship Club, a Dance Club, Evergreens (a gardening club), Point Pals (a social skills program), the Principal's Physical Walking Club, the Point Road Café (our lunchtime talent program) and an introduction of stringed instruments to all third grade students.   In addition, we have an extremely active “Green Team” that spearheads our No Idling Campaign and our school and classroom recycling efforts.

    The Little Silver School district believes that on-going parent communication is imperative in the education of our students.  In order to keep our parents informed on a daily basis, the school district has developed a Little Silver School App and has created a Facebook account.  This year Point Road School has opened the Genesis Parent Portal for reporting of student progress and report card grading.

    In summary, Point Road School continues to provide the necessary components to establish the solid foundation necessary for young children to grow and prosper, both academically and socially.   Concerted attempts are made to enlist the support of the entire school community.   In this fashion, the children’s education is anchored in the belief that learning begins at home and parents must be supported to assist their children throughout their educational journey.

    If you have any questions about our school, please do not hesitate to call, email, or access our comprehensive website at ( )

    My email is:


    Pamela Albert Devine, Ph. D



    In partnership with families and community, the Little Silver Borough Public School District is invested in continued excellence by inspiring critical thinking, fostering intellectual curiosity, and promoting acceptance of individuals, allowing children to achieve their full potential as responsible, contributing citizens of an ever-changing global community.