August 2019 Spotlight

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Mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • Thursday, August 29th  – 7:00 PM Board of Education Meeting


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Little Silver Schools offers Summer Band Enrichment

Markham Place Music Teacher, Mrs. Stephanie Bennett, will be offering four, 45-minute small group lessons, for students entering 5th-8th grade interested in summer band. Lessons will be offered Monday, August 26th – Thursday, August 29th for $100. 

Lessons will include:

  • Instruction on developing technique and fundamentals
  • Tone production
  • Music literacy
  • Small ensemble performance skills
  • Preparation for the 2019- 2020 school year!

If your child is brand new to playing an instrument, please contact Mrs. Bennett ( for information on instrument rental. 

The summer schedule is as follows:

8:00 - 8:45 - Incoming 5th graders (who have had experience playing in the 4th grade program)

9:00 - 9:45 - Incoming 6th - 8th graders

10:00 - 10:45 - Percussion

11:00 - 11:45- All Shore Preparation

Please register online under the Parent Link (Event Sign Up) on the district web page  Checks can be made payable to the Little Silver Board of Education. 

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Annual Parent Satisfaction Survey

Each year, we seek parent feedback by distributing a Parent Satisfaction Survey.  The brief survey, based on the 2018-19 school year, will take less than five minutes to complete (per school) and will help to inform our decision-making.  This year, we divided the survey so that it is school-specific.  If you have children in both buildings, we would greatly appreciate your response to both surveys. 

Take the survey(s) here.


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Please read the New Jersey School Boards Association article regarding the State of New Jersey’s budget and the increase to extraordinary special education aid.  Little Silver, along with other NJ districts, has been receiving about 50% of our reimbursable allotment.  We anticipate that the increase to extraordinary aid will result in about a 56% reimbursement.  Specific dollar amounts will be determined by the State.

SEE: Atlantic Hub Article



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Parent Communication

Last year, the district worked to streamline forms of communication.  We set up the Genesis Parent Portal as our primary source of communication!  The Genesis Parent Portal has a feature called Course Pages. 

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The Course Pages include:

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  • School Posts - Schools will post building news but will also continue to use Twitter and Facebook to communicate events and happenings as well.
  • Class or Homeroom Posts - Teachers will post classroom events, homework, etc. but may still use Twitter and Class Dojo.  For those teachers that used the REMIND app in the past, they will be permitted to do so but NOT in lieu of using the Genesis Parent Portal. 
  • Guidance Posts - Counselors will post news from their offices.
  • Grade Level Posts - This will be used for information specific to grade levels such as supply lists, grade level events, etc.
  • Sports Posts - This is used to post rosters and schedules.  Coaches will still use the REMIND app for practice information, game cancellations, or other pertinent notifications. 

Teachers are neither required nor prohibited from using these additional vehicles (Twitter, Class Dojo, Remind) to showcase class happenings.  They are, however, required to utilize the parent portal of Genesis daily for homework etc. 


Code Red emails and text messages will be used for emergency notifications such as snow days, bus delays, etc.  It will be used to notify the community of monthly Spotlight postings, but will not be used for basic reminder notifications. 

The information on the district website,, contains basic information regarding:

  • Department & program information
  •  School information
  • Board of Education information

The district calendar is a Google calendar that can be easily downloaded from the website.

The district uses Facebook and Twitter to post information including:


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Homeroom Assignment Information for the 2019-20 school year for students entering grades 1-5 will be available on the Genesis Parent Portal Summary Page on Monday, August 19th.  Students entering grades 6-8 already received their homeroom assignments. Their schedules will be available on the Genesis Parent Portal Summary Page on Thursday, September 5th. The Parent Portal will be closed until August 19th.  On that date, your user name is your email address.  If you forgot your password, click the forgot my password button. 

Parent Access dialog box

Letters for incoming Kindergarten students will be mailed, ensuring that all assignments have been received, as new parents to the district are not yet familiar with Genesis.   Students in grades 6-8 will receive their schedules on the first day of school. 


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Student drop-off and pick-up are always challenging, but morning drop-off tends to present a host of issues.   Parents who drop-off at Point Road are encouraged to park on Lippincott and walk their children to school.  Parents are urged to be courteous.  Please be cognizant of school start times (Point Road 8:05 AM and Markham Place 8:07 AM) and allow yourselves adequate time.  In addition, should an accident occur, please do not leave the scene.  PLEASE be mindful of prohibited drop-off locations including North Lovett.



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Little Silver will institute an Activity Participation Fee Beginning the 2019-2020 School Year

In June 2019, the Little Silver Board of Education passed Policy 2436 - Activity Participation Fee Program.  The policy can be found on the district’s policy webpage.  

Beginning the 2019 school year, sports activities will cost $200 per activity

  • Fall: soccer, cross country
  • Winter: basketball, cheerleading
  • Spring: baseball, softball, track

Beginning the 2019 school year, extra-curricular activities including, but not limited to the following, will cost $70 per activity

  • Point Road After School Activity (changes annually)
  • Point Road Band (4th grade)
  • Point Road Chorus
  • Point Road Orchestra (4th grade)
  • Markham Place After School Activity (i.e. STEM Club)
  • Markham Place Band
  • Markham Place Chorus
  • Markham Place Computer Club
  • Markham Place CyberPatriots
  • Markham Place Orchestra
  • Markham Place Theater
  • Markham Place Yearbook

Beginning the 2019 school year, the following extra-curricular activity will cost $30

  • Markham Place Jazz Band

Students who participate in Jazz band must have elected to participate in another band ensemble, and therefore, this is in addition to Markham Place Band.

A refund will not be provided in the event the student quits during the course of the activity or becomes ineligible to play due to academic performance.  Refunds, or partial refunds, based on a student’s inability to play or participate due to injury will be considered. 

Parents will pay online utilizing MySchoolBucks.  

My School Bucks shopping cart image

If your child will be participating in an Extra Curricular Activity, (i.e. Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Computer Club, etc.), you can log on immediately to register your child through the School Store. 

If your child wants to participate in a “no-cut” sport (i.e. Cross Country or Track), you can log on to register your child through the School Store prior to the start of the season.

If your child wants to participate in a “cut” sport (i.e. soccer, basketball, etc.), he/she will follow coach instructions for try-outs.  Following try-outs, students will receive a code to log in to the Athletic Page of the Google Classroom.   There will be a one-week grace period from the time a child secures a place on a team until the date payment is due.  If payment is not received within that week, the slot on the team will be offered to the student on top of the “cut list” and proceed accordingly. 


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Monmouth County Schools Partnership for Wellness

The Monmouth County Schools Partnership for Wellness @MCSPWellness will be hosting our first Wellness Symposium for Parents on Thursday, October 3rd at Brookdale Community College. 

The schedule will be as follows:

  • Registration and Resource Fair – 6:00 PM
  • Keynote - 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Travel & Tables - 7:00 PM - 7:15 PM
  • Sessions - 7:15 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Travel & Tables - 8:00 PM - 8:15 PM
  • Panel Q&A -  8:15 PM - 9:00 PM

This is a county event, and there will be limited seating of about 450 registrants.  Information will follow regarding registration.  #BeYouBeWell. 

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When a Teacher Reads

Congratulations to Mrs. Elizabeth Snevily who is the recipient of Penny Kittle's 2019 Book Love Foundation Grant entitled When a Teacher Reads.  She was among the 24 of 400 applicants that were selected for funding.  While Mrs. Snevily ultimately had to decline the $2,000 grant for her classroom library due to her leave of absence, her dedication to her students and to her craft of teaching is not only noteworthy, but very much appreciated!


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Teenage suicide is up by 10% over the last 10 years!  This past year, Monmouth County had the highest level of suicides ever recorded.  The reasons span a variety of issues (i.e. anxiety, mental illness, opioid use, LGBTQ struggles, etc.).  As Monmouth County educators, we are on a mission to save lives!  Join us for our first ever Wellness Symposium for Parents on Thursday, October 3rd at Brookdale Community College.