Watch the Markham Place Staff Welcome Back Video

Watch the Point Road School Staff Welcome Back Video

  • Normal procedures for reporting your children ‘absent’ from “virtual” school need to be followed. This must be done on a daily basis and you must state the reason for your child’s ‘absence’. If your child is not reported as ‘absent’, teachers will hold them accountable for completing assignments. 
  • Log-in to the Genesis Portal for student assignments and learning activity posted by teachers at 9:00 AM daily.
  • Teachers availablity: Please see the LS Continuity of Learning Remote Learning Schedule.
  • Most children should be able to complete their assignments with minimal assistance from you. Your support should remain much the same as typical homework assignments. 
  • Should your child need additional support see above for teacher access hours.
  • If your student has technical difficulty:
    • Ask a friend or parent
    • Ask the teacher
    • Submit a School Dude ticket by using the Quick Link on the sidebar
  • Feel free to visit the parent portal for additional resources such as:
    • Genesis Portal
    • Report an Absence
    • Technical Support

Dear Parents,
This is an unprecedented time of learning. Thank you for your patience and your understanding as our staff puts all their effort into remote learning.  We can do this together.  Our intention is to provide your students with essential learning.  Our educational program will continue to evolve in the weeks to come as we all learn together. This resource provides you with additional ideas if you need them.  The most important thing is to make sure your children feel safe and secure.