Staff Resources

Add the Little Silver Google Drives to your Google Drive

  1. Log in to your Google Drive
  2. Click the Drive buttons below you will need to access 
  3. Go to your Google Drive
  4. Click the "Shared with Me" link in the left side of your Google Drive
  5. Right click on each "Drive" folder and select "Add to My Drive" 

District Drive

Markham Place

Point Road Drive

Curriculum Drive

Professional Development Drive

Special Services Drive

Add the Little Silver Public Calendars

Little Silver Public Calendars

Add the District or School Calendar to your Google Calendar

  1. Login to your Google account
  2. Click a calendar on this website
  3. In the bottom right corner click the + Google Calendar symbol


Follow the directions below to add the Staff Calendars

Staff Calendars

  1. Right click and copy one of the links below
  2. Open your calendar 
  3. Go to Other calendars
  4. Click the down arrow to the right of Other calendars  (follow print screen step1)
  5. Select Add by URL  (follow print screen step2)
  6. Paste the copied link into the URL field
  7. Click add calendar

Point Road Staff Calendar:

Markham Place Staff Calendar: