Communication Tools

You will learn:

  • How to Schedule Your First Meeting
  • Important Audio Basics
  • Meeting Roles
  • How to Start Your Meeting
  • Screensharing Options & Changing Presenters
  • Using a Webcam & the Chat Feature     
  • How to End the Meeting
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or go to their Training Center for more options
  1. Open Google Hangouts by clicking the Google apps icon in the upper right of a new browser tab.
  2. Select the Google Hangouts App or go to
  3. When in the app select the phone icon to the left of your conversations.
  4. Click New Conversation and input the parents phone number with area code.
  5. Click Call and Google will call the phone number.  It will come up as Restricted or Anonymous on the receiving end.
  6. All calls within the US are free.

Hope this helps with mitigating some of the communication issues.

Enhance the remote classroom experience

Update: Screencastify premium is now free through April 20th with code CAST_COVID