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About Point Road

The Point Road Elementary School serves the academic needs of approximately 475 students in pre-school through fourth grade. Our size enables us to become closely acquainted with our students and their families. Point Road School provides an environment that will encourage students to become lifelong participants in the acquisition of knowledge. Point Road School is characterized by high standards, high expectations and a nurturing environment. We strive to create an atmosphere of community; an atmosphere where all children can reach their potential; an atmosphere where all are engaged in a variety of curricular experiences and where individual differences are appreciated and respected.   Our students are challenged to develop 21st Century skills; an intellectual curiosity experience engaged learning in all disciplines. We work hard to instill a commitment of service to others and a desire to assume leadership roles in an ever-changing world. It is our hope that our students use their time, talents and treasures for the greater good of the environment, economy and global society.
Our school enjoys an excellent academic reputation.   A significant degree of the success of Point Road School is due to its blend of dedicated and professional staff along with the cooperation of the parents and the supportive community-at-large.   Point Road School offers a rigorous, yet developmentally-appropriate, standards-based curriculum with a strong focus on balanced literacy. Students are encouraged to develop a lifelong love for reading and writing. Mathematics instruction utilizes concrete experiences to build students’ understanding by revisiting topics, concepts, and skills in a cyclical fashion that guides them through exposure, development and mastery; with an emphasis on problem solving.
The mission of Point Road School is to educate and foster lifelong learning by recognizing individual needs, developing academic, physical, social and emotional well-being and promoting artistic expression. Point Road School meets the differentiated needs of all its students. We have two, half day, integrated pre-school classes. In addition, there are several Resource Rooms for children receiving replacement services for particular subjects, as well as two multiple disabled classes. The special education teachers provide replacement instruction and in-class support in designated subject areas.   Speech, counseling and OT/PT are available to students in need. Basic Skills teachers work with students to supplement the mainstream curricular efforts.
For students who excel academically, our Enrichment program offers an exciting array of different types and levels of enrichment activities for identified students. Through the use of a student profile, the program strives to develop each child's gifts and talents by providing an environment that will enable these students to reach higher levels of academic rigor.

Be respectful
Be responsible 
Be ready to learn…… 

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that each child has individual needs
  • We believe that effective instruction is engaged
  • We believe that a good school is physically and emotionally safe
  • We believe that a good teacher develops a child’s life-long love of learning
  • We believe that each child shares the responsibility for his/her own learning
  • We believe that everyone in our school is a learner and a teacher

Parent Communication

Parent and community support are strong and an integral component of our educational community.   The PTO and the Education Foundation of Little Silver (EFLS) have worked diligently to bolster the school programs with curricular, technological, and fiscal support.  
The PTO is a dynamic force behind the entire scope of the school’s vision.   Their fund-raising activities contributed to the building of our outdoor courtyard classroom, additional playground equipment and cultural arts programs. They support innovative teacher grants and provide for additional student activities. Friends of Different Learners, a committee within the PTO, works to enhance the education of children who have different learning styles and each year supports our Celebrating Different Learners Day.  
The Education Foundation of Little Silver, a substantial contributor, has helped immeasurably in the field of technology.   They have purchased equipment over the years as well as supported innovative teacher grants.   Point Road School is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including: J-touch interactive and flat screen TVs, Surface Pro’s, Chromebook carts, portable iRovers, Smartboards, document cameras, digital cameras, as well as digital and video cameras. Point Road School has, therefore, been able to provide a quality educational program well infused with technology.

First Grade students

First Grade Pumpkin Math