Point Road School People

Photo of Jaclyn Bailey

Jaclyn Bailey

School Psychologist

Carissa Bavosi, MSW, LCSW

School Social Worker

Photo of Nicole Bbalo

Nicole Bbalo

3rd Grade

Veronica Bertscha

Point Road Main Office Secretary

Photo of Jennifer Brush

Jennifer Brush

Music, Band/Orchestra

Photo of Tara Bussey

Tara Bussey

1st Grade

Photo of Allison Capone

Allison Capone

G&T/Enrichment Teacher

Photo of Annamarie Clapp

Annamarie Clapp

2nd Grade

Photo of Suzanne Cocozza

Suzanne Cocozza

3rd Grade

Photo of Ashley Cuffari

Ashley Cuffari

1st Grade

Photo of Lisa Cunneff

Lisa Cunneff

2nd Grade

Laura DiPietro


Photo of Tara Dunne

Tara Dunne

2nd Grade Resource Room

Photo of Dale Dvorak
Photo of Jennifer Egidio

Jennifer Egidio

4th Grade

Photo of Donna Ferreira

Donna Ferreira

3rd Grade

Photo of Cheryl Fogarty

Cheryl Fogarty

2nd Grade ICR

Photo of Julianna Ford Pedalino
Photo of Grace Ganz

Grace Ganz

Second Grade Teacher

Photo of Alexa Grabowski

Alexa Grabowski

3rd Grade

Photo of Ryan Hance

Ryan Hance

4th Grade

Photo of Ryan Hilla

Ryan Hilla

Physical Education/Health

Photo of Lindsey Ince

Lindsey Ince

2nd Grade

Photo of Kristi Kelly

Kristi Kelly

1st Grade

Photo of Kathy Knight

Kathy Knight


Photo of Jillian Koren

Jillian Koren

1st Grade

Photo of Jason Lakshmanan

Jason Lakshmanan

Music, Band/Orchestra & Chorus

Photo of Nicholas Mancheno

Nicholas Mancheno


Photo of Rachel Masci

Rachel Masci

4th Grade

Photo of Carlie McCloskey

Carlie McCloskey


Photo of Kristen Medich

Frances Minneci

Media Clerk

Photo of Kellie Moore

Kellie Moore


Brittany Natoli

World Language

Adrienne Neff

Front Office Clerk

Photo of Jane Marie Nowell

Jane Marie Nowell


Photo of Catharine Owens

Catharine Owens

PT Interventionist

Laura Personette

PT-Pre K Teacher

Photo of Anna Petrantis

Anna Petrantis

Third/Fourth Grade Special Education

Photo of Kaitlin Quinn

Kaitlin Quinn

4th Grade

Photo of Kerri Restaino
Photo of Timothy Russoniello

Timothy Russoniello

Physical Education/Health

Photo of Ken Santos

Ken Santos

3rd Grade

Kaitlin Schubert, RN

Point Road School Nurse

Photo of Kimberly Sheckler

Kimberly Sheckler

School Psychologist

Photo of Kathleen Stigliano, Ed.D.

Kathleen Stigliano, Ed.D.

Point Road Principal

Elise Suszka

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Victoria Tomesco

Victoria Tomesco

Pre K Special Education

Photo of Wendy Whittle
Photo of Brielle Winters, OTR/L

Brielle Winters, OTR/L

School Occupational Therapist

Photo of Susan Witman

Susan Witman


Photo of Cassi Zappala

Cassi Zappala

K - 2 MD Teacher

Photo of Tara Zusack

Tara Zusack

4th Grade