Information Technology

Our goal is to put technology in the hands of students.

Brendan Williams

Network Administrator

Paul Perez

Technology Support Specialist

Ready for 21st Century Learning

One to One Computing: There's been a very significant shift to provide more and more online resources instead of disposable ones. Therefore, providing students with their own chrome books allows them Internet access for everything from writing language arts papers to using Web sites like IXL and I-Ready to enhance math and science lessons.

 Each year third and fourth and fifth-graders receive a chrome book that is registered in their name. Students in sixth through eight-grades utilize class sets of chrome books. The chrome books are for in-school use only and do not go home with the students.

Google Apps for Education

The Little Silver School District has also introduced Cloud computing via Google Apps for Education (GAFE).
​GAFE is a suite of productivity and collaboration tools delivered on a Cloud platform. It allows students and staff to stay connected from anywhere. Everything is automatically saved in the Cloud - 100% powered by the web.

Technology Overview

Little Silver School District has (3) physical locations; Point Road Elementary School, Markham Place Middle School and the Board of Education office building.

The district uses fiber optic cable (currently, a Verizon FiOS product) to access the Internet. Each building has its own Verizon FiOS connection. The current bandwidth speed is 300 Mb/s download and 300 Mb/s upload.

Wireless connectivity is always available. All school laptops, Chrome Books and iPads can access the wireless network in any location throughout the facilities.

Installed software includes, but is not limited to, Microsoft Office  Suite, Adobe Reader, MovieMaker and various special needs assistance software.

​Content filtering and antivirus protection software provide security for all devices in the district.  

District-wide Applications

Genesis is a web based database used for the student information system to record attendance, maintain scheduling, grades (at the middle school), and contact information. The database has also been utilized to produce state reports and records that can be shared with the district’s board of education on a regular basis. It is available district-wide for teachers, administrators, and support staff.
Frontline IEP is the web based database used to maintain information specifically pertaining to special needs students. This system can also be accessed district-wide.
Rubicon Atlas is a web based curriculum mapping software tool that facilitates development of curricula and provides public access to all district curricula.
My Learning Plan is a web based tool used to for Educator Evaluations and Observations.