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Carol Anderson

5th Grade

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~canderson@littlesilverschools.org/ms-c-anderson (opens in new window)

Janice Anderson

8th Grade Language Arts

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~janderson@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-j-anderson (opens in new window)

Amy Becker

World Language

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~abecker@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-becker (opens in new window)
  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~sbennett@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-bennett (opens in new window)

Jennifer Brush

Music, Band/Orchestra

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~jbrush@littlesilverschools.org/ms-brush (opens in new window)

Kimberly Christman

7th & 8th Grade Language Arts

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~kchristman@littlesilverschools.org/ms-christman (opens in new window)

Gina Daniels

5th Grade

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~gdaniels@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-daniels (opens in new window)

Gabriella Esposito

7th Grade Special Education

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~gesposito@littlesilverschools.org/gabriella-esposito (opens in new window)

Anna Files

5th Grade Special Education

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~afiles@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-files (opens in new window)

Steve Galgon

7th Grade Math

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~sgalgon@littlesilverschools.org/mr-galgon (opens in new window)

Lauren Gardner

6th Grade Language Arts

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~lgardner@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-gardner (opens in new window)

Kelly Hance

5th & 6th Grade Special Education

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~khance@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-hance (opens in new window)

Ann Kiely

5th Grade

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~akiely@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-kiely (opens in new window)
  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~nlawlor@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-lawlor (opens in new window)

Erica Lencsak

5th Grade

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~elencsak@littlesilverschools.org/ms-lencsak (opens in new window)

Eileen Lesch

7th & 8th Grade Math

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~elesch@littlesilverschools.org/ms-lesch (opens in new window)

Melissa Little

8th Grade Math

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~mlittle@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-little (opens in new window)

Jill Lynch

Technology Computers

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~jlynch@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-lynch/index (opens in new window)

Amy Macchia

7th & 8th Grade Science

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~amacchia@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-macchia (opens in new window)

Kate Maguire

5th & 6th Grade Special Education

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~kmaguire@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-maguire (opens in new window)

Tracey McGimpsey

5th, 7th & 8th Grade Special Education

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~tmcgimpsey@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-mcgimpsey (opens in new window)

Michelle Mullan

7th & 8th Grade Special Education

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~mmullan@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-mullan (opens in new window)

Donald Nolan

Physical Education

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~dnolan@littlesilverschools.org/mr-nolan (opens in new window)

Alyssa Nortz

5th Grade

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~anortz@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-nortz (opens in new window)

Bernard Olsen

7th & 8th Grade Social Studies

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~bolsen@littlesilverschools.org/mr-olsen (opens in new window)
  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~jphan@littlesilverschools.org/ms-phan (opens in new window)

Ryan Pina

Health/Physical Education

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~rpina@littlesilverschools.org/mr-pina (opens in new window)

Danielle Poland

5th -8th MD Teacher

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~dpoland@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-poland (opens in new window)

Kelly Ribeiro

7th & 8th Grade Special Education

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~kribeiro@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-ribeiro (opens in new window)

Rebecca Roberts

6th Grade Math

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~rroberts@littlesilverschools.org/ms-roberts (opens in new window)

Lauren Seise


  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~lseise@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-seise (opens in new window)

Erin Smeltzer

7th Grade Science & Social Studies

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~esmeltzer@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-smeltzer (opens in new window)

Candice Stein

6th & 7th Grade Language Arts

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~cstein@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-stein (opens in new window)

Sherilyn Szesko

6th & 7th Grade Math

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~sszesko@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-szesko (opens in new window)

Jennifer Taylor

6th & 7th Grade Social Studies

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~jtaylor@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-taylor (opens in new window)

Tara Tuzzeo, BCaBA

5th -8th MD Teacher

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~ttuzzeo@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-tuzzeo (opens in new window)

Jennifer Vanartsdalen

7th Grade Language Arts

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~jvanartsdalen@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-vanartsdalen (opens in new window)

Sylvia Wittenberg

6th & 7th Grade Science

  • www.littlesilverschools.org/~swittenberg@littlesilverschools.org/mrs-wittenberg (opens in new window)
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