Reporting Your Child's Absence From School

Absent students and parents should check the Course Page posts in the Genesis Portal and their teacher's Google Classroom for missed assignments.

Please notify the school if your child will be absent​ by calling the attendance mailbox (732-741-4022; select option #2-report an absence) or sending an email to A can also send a note or email PRIOR to the absence. Please be aware that unreported absences are considered unexcused. For convenience, you may also use the "Contact the Nurse" option on this website and send an email message. Please include the child’s name, grade and teacher, reason for absence, and expected duration. Doctor, dentist, and other necessary appointments should be made after school hours whenever possible.

Point Road School Nurse: 732-741-4022 X 1209

  • A reason must be given for absence either by calling the attendance mailbox (732-741-7112 then press #1), email to, or a note PRIOR to absence. Unreported absences are considered unexcused.
  • If a student is absent more than 5 consecutive days, a doctor's note is required.
  • A written statement of the cause of each absence is required immediately upon return to school.
  • When a child is to be excused during school hours, please notify the office in writing, in advance.
  • The child must be signed out by the parent in the school office.

The Little Silver Board of Education requires that the pupils enrolled in the schools of this district attend school regularly in accordance with the laws of the State. The educational program offered by this district is predicated upon the presence of the pupil and requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. Students must be present a minimum of four (4) hours in order to receive credit for the day. Attendance and punctuality shall be required of all students enrolled in the schools during the days and hours that the school is in session. For their safety, children should not be permitted to arrive at school more than 15 minutes before opening school times. There is no supervision of children who arrive before 7:50 AM. In order for a student to attend extra-curricular activities or participate in sporting events, they must be in school on that date. A report card will record the number of times the pupil was absent and tardy for each month.

Board Policy 5200, Attendance, has defined “excused” and “unexcused” absences:

  1. “Excused absence” is a student’s absence from school for a full day or a portion of a day for the observance of a religious holiday (NJSA 18A:36,14-16) for Take Your Child to Work Day, or any other absence determined excused by the New Jersey Department of Education.
  2. “Unexcused absence that counts toward truancy” is a student’s absence from school for a full or portion of a day for any reason that is not excused as defined above or for any unexcused absence that does not count toward truancy listed below.
  3. “Unexcused absence that does not count toward truancy” is a student’s absence for a variety of reasons delineated in the policy including a student’s illness.

It is expected that parents will make every effort not to schedule vacations during the school year to avoid interrupting their child’s educational program. Missing school because of a vacation is not a recognized legal absence and teachers are not required to prepare work for  students. Students who do miss school will be allowed up to but no more than 5 days to make up work when they return. These students may want to take their books with them and/or contact a friend or the school website for assignments.