Special Services

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95 Markham Place
Little Silver, NJ 07739
Phone: (732) 741-7112 x3002
Fax: (732) 741-1195

About the Special Services Department

We provide a wide variety of services to students with disabilities. Our programs include instruction in self contained special education classrooms, resource rooms and general education classrooms. Self contained classes provide intensive instruction and support according to individual student needs. Resource rooms provide replacement instruction in small group settings. In-class support is a collaborative teaching model utilizing the expertise of both general education and special teachers. The district also provides speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and counseling as related as described in the Individual Education Plan.

The Team

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 All parents and caregivers are encouraged to attend the Little Silver Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meetings, facilitated by the Director of Special Services. This council is a wonderful way to “get involved” and be part of a dynamic group whose goal is to improve and support local special education efforts and programs.  Typically four meetings are scheduled during the school year.

Meeting Dates

Special Services Department Meet & Greet with FODL

  • September 26, 9:00 am at Point Road Courtyard

Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meeting Dates

  • December 5th, 9:00 am Markham Place School Library
  • April 10th, 9:00 am Markham Place School Library
  • Evening Presentation Winter 2019, Information to follow.

Any district parent, including homeless or migrant workers, who have concerns about the physical (including gross motor, fine motor and sensory), cognitive, communication, social/emotional, and adaptive development of their child should contact the Director of Special Services at Markham Place School 95 Markham Place, Little Silver, NJ 07739, 732-741-7112, Ext. 3052.